NeoGraft vs. ARTAS Robot

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NeoGraft vs. ARTAS Robot

FUE is the preferred technique by Dr. Demetri because it is virtually “scarless.” We utilize the Neograft harvesting system whereby individual hair follicles are harvested from the back of the head. With FUE, patients can shave their entire head in the future without worrying about any linear donor site scar. After harvesting, the transplanted hairs are then placed into precise recipient sites at the hairline or crown for optimal hair growth. Dr. Demetri and his team customize your recipient sites based on your personal hair direction, pattern, and angulation. This is extremely important to have this done by trained experts in hair restoration for natural results. We perform our procedures under local anesthesia so you are awake but numb the entire time.

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Is NeoGraft or ARTAS Better?

ARTAS has an advantage in the speed of harvesting hair grafts. It is virtually impossible for a human to beat a computer that can make thousands of calculations per second. The ARTAS system selects hair grafts for transplantation based on a complex algorithm. It is important to note that this advantage only exists during the harvesting of hair. Both ARTAS and NeoGraft use the same implantation method –manual transplantation by a technician or surgeon.

However, ARTAS has three main disadvantages compared to NeoGraft:

  • The robot requires enough contrast to identify hair follicles, and therefore, this method is really only recommended for people with straight, dark hair. Blonde or fair-haired patients are NOT good candidates for ARTAS.
  • The transection rate (aka damage rate) of the extracted hair follicles is actually higher for ARTAS at 8-10% than it is for an experienced NeoGraft technician (3-5%).
  • Due to the complexity of the apparatus, ARTAS is much more expensive per graft than NeoGraft.

Which Hair-Restoration Technique Is Right for Me?

A comprehensive evaluation by Dr. Demetri is necessary to determine the best treatment method for you. A diagnosis of the underlying cause of hair loss is essential in selecting the optimal course of treatment. Hair loss that is sudden may be temporary, as opposed to the permanent hair loss that occurs more gradually with male-pattern baldness.

Dr. Demetri will examine your scalp and hair follicles and take time to learn about your lifestyle, medical history, and family history of hair loss. Dr. Demetri will spend time answering all your questions and understanding how hair loss impacts your life.

The doctor will also go over the details of the NeoGraft and ARTAS robot procedures in relation to your specific needs and goals. He will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding these techniques.

The decision to seek hair restoration can be intimidating; concerns regarding sudden changes to our hair and the comments or perceptions of others can be challenging to process. The knowledge gained through the consultation process will provide important context.

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To learn more about hair restoration with NeoGraft vs. ARTAS robot, Tampa patients can contact our office for an informative consultation. Dr. Demetri believed that hair harvesting and transplantation is as much art form as precision, and that a robot cannot compete with a human in this regard. Please contact us to learn more!

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